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Onyx and Marble Animals Figurines
We make many kinds of Beautiful Handicrafts and Showpieces such as animals in different size, design & stone. For Example: Onyx Swan Onyx Horse Onyx Bull Onyx Camel Onyx Lion Onyx Elphant Onyx Hen Onyx Dolphin Onyx Cock Onyx Fish Onyx Horse Onyx Cat Onyx Elegator Onyx Bear Onyx Eagle Onyx Dog Onyx Turtle Onyx Turtle Onyx Frog Onyx Rabbit Onyx Duck Onyx Rhyno Onyx Fish Onyx Horse Onyx Fish Onyx Frog Onyx Rabbit Dolphin, Bear, Mouse, Rabbit, Frog, Turtle, Swan, Elephant, Owl, fish, Dog, Cat, Camel, Parrots, Squirrel etc.Available in following size:2“, 3“, 4“, 5“, 6“, 8“, 10“, 12“, 16“ and as bigger as you required.If you interested in our product, feel free to contact us. Pakistan Onyx Marble has a comprehensive wholesale craft catalog. You can request a wholesale catalogue for their businesses! etc.
Onyx marble animals beautiful piece of handicrafts is made from a single piece of onyx or marble. A perfect example of handicrafts. Available in so many marble and onyx stones in many colours. We are continuously developing our own styles as well as producing styles sent by our buyers. It takes us 3 to 4 weeks to get an order ready for shipment from Karachi, Pakistan. If you have any inquiry from the website, please let us know. Please feel no hesitation to contact us for any questions you may have