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Onyx – Marble Candle Stand and Holder

These unique decorative candle holders stand, are crafted from marble, onyx and stone. Each natural stone candle holders stand has been beautifully sculpted by hand from a single piece of stone. An impressive, unique gift or decorative home accessory.  

This exquisite Onyx and Marble Candle Holders,Votive Candle Holder,Tea Light Candle holder and stands is an absolute beauty. It is suitable for an individual or corporate gift. A useful gift people will remember you for. So win more friends with this lovely gift, they will treasure. <p> </p>

This product is made of Onyx, which is a translucent, semi-precious gemstone. It belongs to the mineral family of marble but it is distinguished by its delicate, beautiful colors and shades. <p> </p>

These unique Candle Holders stands are carved and polished from highest quality Pakistani onyx. The multicolored surface of the stone creates a natural pattern of color and hue which makes every individual piece a one of a kind. <p> </p>  

Fierce colors create patterns of light and contrast across the surface of these imposing Onyx Candle holders stand. Milky green white clouds are broken by bands of red, orange, and yellow, which explode vibrantly to create a whirlwind of color. <p> </p>

Polished smooth the colors become even more vibrant, refracting and reflecting in the surface of the marble,glimmering with a faint translucence that allows you to peer into the depths of the stone. <p> </p>

Onyx Onyx Candle Holders stands beautiful piece of handicrafts is made from a single piece of onyx or marble. A perfect example of handicrafts. Available in so many marble and onyx stones in many colours. We are continuously developing our own styles as well as producing styles sent by our buyers. It takes us 2 to 3 weeks to get an order ready for shipment from Karachi, Pakistan. If you have any inquiry from the website, please let us know. Please feel no hesitation to contact us for any questions you may have. <p> </p>