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Welcome To The Marble Cremation Urns | Onyx Lamps Handicrafts

We are Leading Bulk Manufacturer of Marble cremation urns, Onyx Lamps Handicrafts,Pet Urn, Infant Urn


“We have more than four decades of experience in creating high quality Onyx Lamps Handicrafts,Marble Cremation Urns and Raw Edge Onyx Bowls.

Onyx Crafts was started not because there was a lack of stone,Salt urn and Marble Cremation Urns companies. Rather the opposite, we wanted to produce niche urns and supply to Funeral industry so we had more than doubts to start another urn company, but we felt obliged to do so for the families, as we found that the urns we design do make a difference and bring more comfort to the families.


We care about the materials in our creative arsenal which is why we only pick high-quality top-grade materials.


Onyx Crafts Memorial Urns is an illustrious Manufacturer of Marble Cremation Urns and exporter of Raw Edge Onyx Bowls, Marble Urns Salt and Onyx Lamps Handicrafts.


We have designed urns in an assortment of colors, finishes, and themes, which captures the unique and life values.


We keep our factories local with a pool of skilled talents, it helps ensure our products utmost durability and fortitude.