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Marble Fountains made from Stones from best quality Pakistan marble and onyx. Pakistan Onyx Marble Fountains and Marble Art are all one of a kind. The ultimate Rolling Sphere water features fountains and Marble Art for residential and commercial applications. Large outdoor floating sphere or marble fountains to enhance your Office Building Entryway or Atrium are available in either one of a kind natural stone base stone installed in a custom made water basin or a self-contained model with dozens of models to choose from. Shopping Centers are installing large sphere and base stones in existing water fountain areas. Medical centers are installing floating ball fountains in meditation areas to help their patients gain strength in their healing process. Hotels are installing fountains and marble fountains in their lobbies and lounge areas. Golf courses are installing the white dimpled marble fountains in their entryways, clubhouses and signature holes. Landscape Design enthusiasts are installing Fountains for their Private Homes and Condominiums for the design and relaxing water sounds that these water sculptures provide. If you are looking for something different and unique to attract attention, stimulate your thoughts and desires or just plain relax. If you, your family or your business deserves the best money can buy then contact us or email today to get started! Enjoy your own onyx or Marble Fountain or Marble Art, contact usor email today for your closest distributor, pricing information.